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Ode to Brioche Doughnuts

October 6, 2008

Yes, this is my second homage to a food item. I have no shame. I do not apologize for my love for the brioche doughnut from Satura Cakes, a delightful bakery on University Avenue in Palo Alto. They are absolutely delicious, and I am something of a doughnut aficionado, so I have very high standards. Apparently, these particular doughnuts are made with soy milk and fried in extra virgin olive oil, so they aren’t quite the same level of unhealthy as the average doughnut. You would never know by tasting a heavenly bite, however. They are covered in a light layer of white sugar, and are just the right size. I don’t even miss the traditional doughnut hole. It’s difficult for me to avoid inventing a reason why I need to stop on University Avenue every day.