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It’s coming along…

October 22, 2008

I’ll take a quick break from procrastinating about my paper to share what I’ve been working on the past few days…

Painting, painting, painting. Fortunately, I’ve had the help of my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, who is also my dearest California friend, and she has been great. We discovered a great Italian deli in my new neighborhood, where they have a delicious Caeser salad-they toss it with penne pasta and large toasted croutons of garlic bread! Why has Rachael Ray not thought of this before? We’ve worked diligently on painting all of the cabinet doors and drawers from the kitchen (saying “doors and drawers” in the same sentence is really quite a challenge, as I’ve discovered from the MANY times I’ve uttered the words over these past few days) and we also sampled two color options for the small third bedroom. It’s going to be a tossup between “gobi desert” and “sagey”-for the less imaginative, that’s light brown and light green.

The kitchen is almost complete-the second and possibly third coats of paint are what remain, and we should hopefully begin our official move over the weekend. I can’t believe that it’s only a matter of a mere few days between me and officially cooking in my new kitchen. In what little down time I have, I really should be planning my first home-cooked meal. Then I’ll have a bit more to blog about!

As far as the rest of what has been keeping me busy, I have been delving into Ancient and Classical Greece for my graduate class,

relishing decadent pieces of my favorite treat from Trader Joe’s,

listening, with great pleasure, to this new Keane album,

guiltily devouring, for the second time, the second novel in the Twilight saga,

and enjoying the steamy waters of the hot tub.

It’s a hard life.


Blogging from my new house…

October 13, 2008

Yes, I’m cheating, “borrowing” a wireless connection that miraculously has no password to blog from my house. We have been working hard all day, and I am taking the briefest of breaks before I return to the neverending list of tasks that need doing. Currently, I am sanding the cabinets in the kitchen to prepare them for painting. We’ve decided upon “vermont cream” as our color of choice. I would love to know who has the job of naming the paint colors. You would not believe how many shades of cream we had to sift through before we lit upon “vermont cream.” I have to admit, I’m still a little disappointed that “pot of cream” didn’t make the final cut. It sounded so charming and cute.

I arrived at the house at the crack of dawn this morning, as we had an “all-day” appointment with the gas company, which basically means that someone had to be at the house to anticipate the gas man’s arrival from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. There is no shortage of work to be done, but being that I was alone, I determined that I had to amuse myself whilst busily scrubbing, sanding, and peeling like a worker bee.

I tuned in to a few old Bones episodes while I gave the cabinets a thorough cleaning. I particularly loved this Halloween episode,

…but alas, I wasn’t able to find it on, and had to resort to a few other episodes.

I also whiled away the time listening to this lovely audiobook:

Still, I cannot get enough of Edward and Bella. I’m an addict. The Twilight saga is exactly “my kind of heroin.” (Twilighters will understand what I mean)

I’m hoping to convince my wonderful husband, who arrived a bit later in the morning and has also been working ceaselessly, if we might stop for dinner at Elephant Bar, a California (or Northwest, West) chain restaurant that I have found to be very appealing. Macadamia nut-crusted fish sounds absolutely heavenly to me at this moment, and I think it would be nice to eat at an establishment in our new neighborhood.

On that note, I should return to my kitchen. There is more work to be done! I’ll finish my post with one of my favorite Booth/Brennan videos-it includes the moment that I decided I loved this show, when Brennan kicks her legs up! How anyone could not LOVE the two of them after that scene, I don’t know. Enjoy!

I haven’t posted anything significant in the past few days, because…

October 3, 2008

We bought this!

It’s our new house!

In only a few weeks, my wonderful husband and I will officially be California residents! Finding this gem of a house happened very quickly, but a LOT goes into the whole buying process, as you can imagine. It’s been a very busy time, with lots of papers to sign, money to be moved, and phone calls to realtors/mortgage advisers to be made. We consider ourselves to be very lucky, and we’re so excited!

My new kitchen:

Isn’t that window so perfect and cute? I love the green and white tile as well. We plan on painting the cabinets, as that particular shade of brown isn’t all that appealing to me.

Possibly the best thing about the house:

An avocado tree, LADEN with avocados! Can you imagine? How lucky can I be?! To think of all the times I begrudgingly placed only one avocado in my grocery cart because of the exorbitant cost of buying two or three. Now I’ll be able to pluck them from my own tree at my will! There are so many things I’ve been looking forward to about having my own home, but the one thing that I’ve been anticipating the most is cooking in my own kitchen. I am looking forward to writing about what I make!