The good guys…

As it turns out, my favorite non-Jack character, Tony Almeida, is not only alive, but is NOT a domestic terrorist after all! He is actually working undercover, DEEP undercover. Oh, how my mother will be appalled at this post. She cannot understand my attachment to Tony. Perhaps she should remember that lengths to which Tony has gone to protect Jack. I do acknowledge that he has certainly developed a bad habit of remaining in an almost constant surly glare. And he’s probably not the very best actor that has ever graced a television set…kind of one-dimensional. But still! He saved Jack and Audrey when they were being attacked by ruthless gunmen! He directed CTU through a biological weapon crisis while recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck! He kept Jack’s existence a secret! And Michelle, dear Michelle…

Alright, I’m going to return now to my regularly scheduled programming-the 2nd hour of 24 for the night!


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