Harbour Island 2008

As predicted, our trip to Harbour Island was absolutely wonderful. It was just as a vacation should be, with few big events or planning to worry about, just simple relaxing, each day passing seamlessly into the next. We woke early each day, heading down to the beach for morning swims, then came back to the house to enjoy large platters of eggs, bowls of cereal and fresh, hot coffee on our shaded deck. Our typical routine would continue as we spent time reading before enjoying the second or third swim of the day, then finally diving into delicious Bahamian dinners prepared by Elizabeth, a kindly local woman who seemed to enjoy our company as she puttered around our kitchen, adding finishing touches to grouper or conch. We rarely strayed from the beach, save for a few side trips for brunch and shopping and an amazing snorkeling adventure, where we swam with tropical fish, inspected gigantic starfish, and collected sand dollars and seabiscuits. Not so simple to return to real life after such a wonderful vacation, I have to say, though I’m glad to get back to preparing our house for move in.

The daily view from our thatched umbrella:

The breathtaking beauty of the walk down to the beach:

Just to give an idea of the size of the starfish (hard to catch in the shimmering, gentle waves of the water):

The only place I showered, for the duration of our vacation:


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